Christian, What Are You?

The early books of

Paul Renfroe



I was a delegate to the triennial convention of an international Pentecostal denomination, April 2009. The chair opened the mic for the pastors’ passions about….their pensions. I tuned out.

Suddenly on the back of my eyelids I saw a table of contents. So close to my brain, the image burned in. I quickly wrote out the chapter titles I saw. My attention was arrested. Oblivious to pensions, a new passion overtook me: to write the book I saw.

“But Lord!” You can relate. “I’m just a financial representative. I don’t know anything about writing books.” It was Exodus 3 redux number 22 trillion.

I dabbled with attempts to flesh out what I had been shown—round file, all. Then in one 24-hour period God dramatically called my family to relocate to Christian International. After the training I received there, the book was born in 2013: Christian, What Are You? Removing the Blindfolds.

You see, I am a Metho-Bap-Ter-Ic-Calia-Costal. After leading in each of those denominations, a divergence would arise between the existing leadership and me. My wife Diane and I were upsetting too many apple carts.

The Word of God is powerful and pierces each of us with either conviction or death. I found that not all Christians and not all churches welcome its conviction.

But many do. These books are for them.

Since the 2013-2015 period when these early books were published, my wife and I have founded Paradigm Lighthouse. The nine-book Unseen Series is available there,

The name comes from peoples’ report that our lives and teaching open them to far more of the Bible. God’s Word makes more sense and their lives align with its power.

The only prerequisite to benefit: a hunger to know and love God. This is eternal life: that they know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You sent. (John 17:3)